Thursday, October 13, 2011

Part 2 Blocking--Walkthrough A Shot: Step by Step

5. Blocking:Key Poses

Most Important thing to remember is: Don't be Afraid to Make Changes! Here is my first blocking pass with just Key Poses, based on my drawings.

Once I laid out all my key poses I found that Luke (boy) scene seemed way too busy. Also that he became happy to quickly. I basically wasn't giving myself room for him to get happier. You never want your character to reach their maximum emotion early in your shot, because then you have nowhere to go. 

So I went into my blocking and I simplified, here is the next pass.

This is what I fixed:
-Simplified Boy
-Smaller smile and facial for Luke, he was getting out of character.
- Bring him closer to his dad in last shot
-Dad toned down facial, way too happy, the line was a bit more subdued.
-Tone down Dad's second pose, he gets to close to his son. That moment is left for the last scene. Each scene the characters get closer as their relationship and trust grows with each scene

Now I feel a bit more confident in the character's performance, cinematography and I'm hitting my emotional Beats! Let's start adding some Breakdowns!

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