Critiques and Tutoring Service

1. Private tutoring
-One on one hourly sessions where we discuss your work and I give you feedback. Could set up one time session, or once a week sessions.


2. Critique individual shot
-15-20+ minute guaranteed critique of your shot in a video form. You may email me questions or specifics that you would like me to critique. Here is an example below of what the critiques are like.
(Be sure to watch it on youtube so that you can go full screen!)

3. Demo Reel Critiques
-15-20+ minutes guaranteed overall critique on entire demo reel. I will go through each shot with notes and help you organize your reel to reach it's maximum potential.


4. Animation Assignment (Mini semester)
-I will create a series of assignments for you to complete based on your skill level. After each week I will give you a critique.
Prices vary so if you are interested in any of the following please email:

What are student's saying about these services:

"Learning from Kelly was way cool! Not only she scrubbed through  every frame on my video, pointing out every mistake she also always gave me a very good suggestions on how to fix or improve them. She always answered all my questions in full, with lots examples. It was all crystal clear and i was never guessing about how to fix my shots, or what to do next. You  won't always find this kind of attention to your animation even in biggest animation schools!" -Fedya Klim (iAnimate)

"I just finished class 1, and wanted to thank you again for all your help during springboard. I feel like it gave me a leg up when class 1 started and I thought I'd email you and let you know how much I appreciated your help! I hope all's going well and that you keep teaching!"  -Jade Pharis (Animation Mentor)

**Special discounts for Animation Mentor and 11 Second Club Contestants! **

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