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 1. Blocking to Spline 2.0-  $20

-workflow to get through this process
- fixing gimbal, and using Euler flter
-using the graph editor to your advantage
-when to offset keys
-much more :)
Here is a preview and to purchase please click the link below or go to the Lectures section.

2. Timing and Spacing: Explained and Applied-$15 
In this lecture I will discuss all these elements that create Timing and Spacing:
-Spacing- Visual Time
-Timing: Side A and Side B
             -Three Speed timing
-Common pitfalls and how to fix them.

Here is a Preview of the lecture:

    3. Finding Key Poses in Video Reference-$15
In this new lecture I will discuss how to identify your Key Poses in your video reference. This is an expansion of sorts to the Planning Lecture below. I will give you some rules and tips to help you maximize the most information out of your video reference. I will go through a physical acting shot, a subtle shot, a quadruped shot and facial video reference.

4. Step by Step Planning for your Animation."  $15
Here is a preview of what you will learn in the 1h 18min lecture:

Here is the outline for the lecture:
1. What line to choose
2. Choosing a set/scenario
3. Writing your back-story, in order to understand your characters
4. How to do proper video reference and get the most out of it.
5. Drawing out your poses
6. Planning your facial expression to the characters emotions
7. You are ready to rock and roll and job into the computer.


5. Key Poses and Breakdowns  $15
Demo detailing my process on how to create Key Poses and Breakdowns. I will go over quite a few concept for succesfull poses such as line of action, negative space and more. I will also explain what a Breakdown actually is and I will show you a three step process for creating a very good breakdown. I once heard that "the animation happens in the breakdown," and it's completely true! After this demo all your shots will flow a whole lot better. Plus you will have a much better understanding of key concepts to ensure a succesfull shot :)

First 30 Minutes of the Demo for Free, be sure to watch it on youtube so that you can go full screen!


6. Lip Sync $15

Demo detailing my process on how to lipsync your character's animation with your audio track. This can often be very complicated and frustrating. In the demo I discuss and show quite a few tip that make a world of difference in lipsync. I will also discuss two different workflow techniques for animating lip sync.

First 30 Minutes of the Demo for Free, be sure to watch it on youtube so that you can go full screen!


7. Blocking to Spline 1.0 -$10
This should be very useful to anyone who has struggled going from Blocking to Spline. 
This has to be one of the hardest phases of animation. The truth is that there is an entirely separate workflow required with quite a few step to get your animation looking good when first going into spline.
This will be a live walk through of the steps I mentioned here, please read before video:

 First 30 Minutes of the Demo for Free, be sure to watch it on youtube so that you can go full screen!


What are student's saying about these videos:

"It's a great demo and it answers all my questions what I had about keys and breakdowns." -Alexander Otner (Denmark)

"Sitting down again and watching the blocking demo again. :)" -Fes Naqvi (Animation Mentor)


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