Sunday, October 16, 2011

Part 3 Breakdowns--Walkthrough A Shot: Step by Step

6. Blocking: Breakdowns

Follow this order and you will have awesome Breakdowns:
Follow this list in this order: 
--hips, torso, head, finger tip, toes, heels,elbows, knees--

For each item mentioned above, follow the list below:
 1. Favoring 
(Favor pose A or B. Choose one, Never put in the middle)
2. Arc 
(Decided on your arc)
3. Offset 
(Build in your offsets, hand drag, ect.)

So here is my next pass with Breakdowns. As you can see I went in and made even more changes with the original key poses. Never be scared to make changes. 

The more you think of what you want your characters to do, the better your animation will turn out.
 If you notice I have not blocked in much for the characters off camera. A bit lazy on my part, but I feel like I need to get moving on this shot. So my focus is the characters that you fully see. Time Management :) BUT I will block them out later on, exactly as I did in this process. I'm also putting them off a bit, because whatever they do will have to be minimal to not steal the attention.

7. Spline Shot 1...Coming VERY Soon

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  1. I find these so incredibly helpful!!

    Keep it coming :)

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