Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Follow A long A Shot-Part2

Breakdowns and Timing pass!

Here is a quick update on the latest shot. I added Breakdowns and afterwards spread out all my keys and added the timing.

One big thing to notes is that I purely focus on each step on my workflow at a time. Therefore when I do Key poses, like last pose that is all I focus on. No Timing, No breakdowns, just key poses. If it's working on just that level I can move on to step two, breakdowns.
Same thing for Breakdowns and once that is working properly move on to add timing.

I do think of some rough timing in my head. but it's important to give each step of your workflow it's proper attention. Just like the architect knows there will be 4 windows in a house, but she/he doesn't start building the house by cutting wood for the window.

Start Spline

So here is the next pass where I start to spline. Notice how some of the timing has dramatically changed since I am going for a very snappy feel. 
I work in small chunks so I spline frm 1-36, frm 36-71,frm 71-98.
I will usually start spline by cleaning up the graph editor, then I will proceed to making sure things are not moving on the same frame. (Super huge note, frame by frame your work so all the parts in your character are not moving on the same frame.)
Arcs, sharpen timing.
Notice frm 1-71 I have gone in and done all that's mentioned above, but frm 71-98 I've only cleaned the graph editor so everything is moving at the same time and does not look very good.

Thanks and more to come soon, enjoy and feel free to ask questions in the comments section.
For more detailed information about my workflow check out previous post or the Lectures section of my blog.

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